Renewable Energy

Legal Support for Renewable Energy Projects in Romania


Renewable Energy Legal Guidance

At Talpes Law, our commitment extends to dynamic sectors like renewable energy, where national and international investors shape and acquire projects. In this burgeoning field, legal guidance is pivotal from securing property rights to navigating permits and facilitating joint ventures, ensuring a bespoke legal structure for collaborative projects.

Our expertise in administrative law covers a spectrum of vital aspects, from facilitating permits to compliance consultancy. Litigation prowess aids in annulling unlawful administrative acts, compelling decisions, or defending building permits, offering robust support in urban planning matters.


Renewable Energy is a dynamic area

RE is a dynamic area of activity in Romania nowadays; National and international investors are developing and / or acquiring projects

Legal assistance is very important, as the primary stages of developing a project are essentially related to legal aspects: securing of property or building rights, obtaining of permits, or acquiring of so-called SPVs which already own such rights or assets

Many times projects are developed in some form of collaboration (e.g. joint ventures between developers and financiers, or cross-border groups of companies) which require a custom designed legal structure

Funding (inclusively EU funding) is also an essential aspect in developing a project, which can not be safely done without legal assistance