Mergers & Acquisitions

Comprehensive Legal Support for Mergers and Acquisitions


Strategic M&A Legal Counsel

We specialize in navigating the intricate landscape of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), offering comprehensive legal support across every phase. Our due diligence procedures meticulously examine legal, financial, and operational facets, mitigating risks inherent in M&A transactions. We excel in providing strategic advice and skillful precontractual negotiations, particularly in crafting M&A-specific precontracts, such as options contracts related to shares.

Our expertise extends to seamlessly executing M&A operations, including share transfers and capital increases, ensuring a smooth transition for our diverse clientele. Crafting essential shareholder agreements is integral, especially those governing corporate governance post-closing.

Industry focus

Among clients whom we assisted in such operations are foreign IT companies or investors in renewable energy projects, who acquired local businesses or projects.

Due diligence procedure

M&A specific precontracts

e.g. options contracts regarding shares

Advice & precontractual negotiations

M&A Operations

share transfers, capital increases and related shareholder agreements (e.g. regarding corporate governance for post-closing period)


A dynamic business environment

Our client portfolio proudly includes foreign IT companies and investors in renewable energy projects. We’ve been instrumental in facilitating their acquisitions of local businesses or projects, navigating them through the intricacies of Romanian law. Whether guiding IT companies or renewable energy investors, our commitment remains steadfast in safeguarding their interests, ensuring legal compliance, and structuring agreements conducive to their success in the Romanian market.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted legal partner, diligently steering clients through complex M&A transactions, securing their investments, and fostering their growth and prosperity within the Romanian business arena. We continually innovate our strategies to adapt to evolving legal landscapes, empowering our clients to navigate M&A intricacies with confidence and efficiency. Our commitment to innovation and excellence fuels our dedication to safeguarding client interests and fostering successful ventures in Romania.