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Expert employment law guidance for employers and employees, ensuring legal compliance and resolution through comprehensive counsel and representation


Employment Law Solutions

Our expertise lies in employment law, serving as a steadfast partner for both employers and employees. We bring a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape, coupled with a keen business-oriented perspective, ensuring reliable legal counsel tailored to each unique situation.

Our Goal

Individual and collective employment contracts

Regardless of whether you are an employer or an employee, our knowledge and experience in this area of practice, combined with our constant desire to understand the context in order to provide the best piece of advice makes us a reliable partner both from a legal and business-oriented point of view.

Not only are we drafting and negotiating individual or collective employment contracts, internal regulations, or contract termination, but we also assist employers and employees throught the entire disciplinary procedure, including drafting all documents needed ( disciplinary sanctions, agreements to terminate contracts, etc).

We also handle a wide range of employment litigations, representing both employers and employees in cases of challenging dismissals decisions, prosecution of claims to recover the damages, or even of discrimination, in court and before the National Council for Combating Discrimination.

Among our clients are the Romanian branches of German mittelstandische Unternehmen active in fields such as IT or mechanical processing, whom we helped safeguard their interests in relation with their employees, in contract negotiations, restructuring and litigation.

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