Insurance law

Insurance acts as a legal shield, fortifying individuals and businesses against unforeseen legal storms, providing a safety net for peace of mind and financial security


Insurance Law Expertise

Central to our practice is securing just compensation for clients impacted by various incidents, emphasising damages incurred to insured property covered by Civil Liability Car Insurance (RCA) and Car Insurances (CASCO). Our deep-seated understanding of applicable insurance law enables us to meticulously guide clients through intricate procedures, from filing claims to negotiating payments.

Navigating the intricate realm of insurance law within the German-Romanian legal context requires a comprehensive approach. Our firm is dedicated to providing unwavering legal assistance and representation to a diverse spectrum of clientele, including natural persons and esteemed foreign insurance entities.


We provide legal assistance and representation both to natural persons and foreign insurance companies in order to obtain the proper compensation for damages produced to insured property derriving from contracts of civil liability car insurance (RCA) or car insurances (CASCO).


Court and Individuals

We also offer representation services in court, both in civil and in criminal proceedings, in order to obtain material and moral damages for bodily harm or death caused by all types of accidents.


Over the years we have acquired a solid experience regarding the applicable insurance law and the specific procedures that needs to be followed, since our team filed countless claims for payment and damage findings and drafted notifications and requests for legal action against Romanian insurers or the Insurance Guarantee Fund.


A dynamic business environment

The German-Romanian legal relationship underscores our proficiency in navigating the complexities of both jurisdictions. We adeptly handle notifications and requests for legal action, engaging with Romanian insurers and invoking the Insurance Guarantee Fund when necessary. Our representation services extend across diverse legal arenas, encompassing civil and criminal proceedings. We ardently champion cases involving material damages, bodily harm, fatal accidents, and other scenarios requiring nuanced legal expertise.


Navigating German-Romanian insurance law complexities, we ensure just compensations and uphold justice for our diverse clients.


Progressing with innovative legal solutions, we navigate complex insurance law across German and Romanian jurisdictions to secure just compensations for our diverse clientele.

With a tireless commitment to our clients’ interests and a profound understanding of the interplay between the German and Romanian legal systems, our firm is a mainstay in enforcing just compensation and upholding the principles of justice in insurance law. Our commitment to innovative strategies in insurance law ensures that we continuously adapt to the evolving legal landscape and guarantee cutting-edge solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach, always aiming to exceed expectations and provide unparalleled legal support.