What we do



Careful Strategic Consideration

  • Our clients are involved in various phases of road, air, and sea Transport, and each of these activities, comes with its own set of legal challenges, especially when it comes to the international implications of such operations. we gladly lend our expertise to help solve these problems
  • Our activity in these fields involve mainly contract review and negotiation, and also debt recovery arising from transport operations

We take the international dimension of our clients into account and also take into account aspects of foreign nationalities or cross-border contract fulfillment. Drafting well-structured governing law and jurisdiction clauses is an essential part of our approach and takes into account and protects the nuances of international implications in contracts.

Our commitment remains unwavering: to provide careful legal support, strategically manage the complexity of contracts while ensuring comprehensive protection for our clients at home and abroad

commitment remains steadfast in safeguarding their interests, ensuring legal compliance, and structuring agreements conducive to their success in the Romanian market.