Corporate and commercial law


Among the services that we provide in this field of law are the following:

  • Full legal services regarding setting up of companies and non-profit organizations,
  • Assistance and representation before all trade registry offices in Romania.



We stand by our clients in various challenges and transformations that may occur in a company life, handling also various types of legal matters such as, for example, change of registered office/structure of shareholders/manager, termination, dissolution, liquidation, merger, division of companies.

An important aspect of corporate structure and balance of powers are shareholder agreements, especially when a company is held by several shareholders or groups of shareholders with potentially conflicting interests. In such cases, these potential conflicts may be avoided, or the potential damage caused by such conflicts can be minimised through various agreements closed by these shareholders, by establishing conflict solving rules, exit or buyout possibilities etc.

Finally, once setup and structuring of a company is finalized, we help with providing legal safety and clarity in day-to-day commercial operations, in order to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the business.