Civil Status and Citizenship

Specialized legal aid for citizens and legal actions with precision


Romanian Law and Citizenship

We offer comprehensive legal counsel concerning the status, rights, and obligations of foreign citizens, ensuring clarity and compliance within Romanian legal frameworks. Moreover, our firm handles all legal actions against the National Citizenship Authority (ANC), encompassing legal recourse if requests for regaining citizenship are not addressed within the stipulated legal timelines.

Our expertise extends to a wide array of services tailored to facilitate legal processes for Romanian and foreign citizens. Our specialized services include providing legal advice and representation before public Romanian authorities, aiding clients in obtaining visas or reinstating Romanian citizenship.


Legal Assistance for Romanian and Foreign Citizens

Our expertise in this area covers:

  • Providing legal advice and representation for our clients in front of the public Romanian authorithies in order to obtain visas or to regain romanian citizenship,  


  • Legal advice regarding the status, rights and obligations of foreign citizens,


  • All legal actions against ANC (national citizenship authority), including suing the authority for failing to solve the request for regaining citizenship in the legal time provided by the law, etc


  • Representation of Romanian and foreign citizens in front of public institutions in Romania, in procedures such as inheritance, obtaining civil status documents or court judgements and certificates, tax registration, procedures for recognition of studies.